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Free Download | Beginning PHP and MySQL E-Commerce: From Novice to Professional, Second Edition

Most great programming books sway far more toward the realm of the practical than of the academic. Although I have no illusions regarding my place among the great technical authors of our time, it is always my goal to write with this point in mind, producing material that you can apply to your own situation. Given the size of this book, it’s probably apparent that I attempt to squeeze out every last drop of such practicality from the subject matter. That said, if you’re interested in gaining practical and comprehensive insight into the PHP programming language and MySQL database server, and how these prominent technologies can be used together to create dynamic, database-driven Web applications, this book is for you. In the 18 months since the first edition of this book was published, the PHP and MySQL communities have continued to work feverishly to advance the capabilities of these two prominent technologies.