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Free Download - Developing Java Beans pdf

Java Beans is the most important development in Java this year. It gives Java developers the ability to work with sophisticated graphical development tools and to integrate Java software into projects using other component technologies, such as Microsoft's ActiveX. Developing Java Beans gives you a firm grounding in every aspect of the Java Beans component architecture. You'll learn how to create components that can be manipulated by tools like Borland's JBuilder or IBM's VisualAge for Java, enabling others to build entire applications by using and reusing these building blocks. Beyond the basics, Developing Java Beans teaches you how to create Beans that can be saved and restored properly; how to take advantage of introspection to provide more information about a Bean's capabilities; how to provide property editors and customizers that manipulate a Bean in sophisticated ways; and how to integrate Java Beans into ActiveX projects. If you're a Java developer, you'll want to take advantage of Java's component architecture. Developing Java Beans gives you a comprehensive introduction to this exciting new technology. Actually I bought this book about two years ago, and at that time Java Beans were gaining popularity as an instance of component model for distributed computing. I was at that time interested in Enterprise Java Beans rather than client side beans. So I did not really use the book that much. However, from the limited reading I did, it seemed like a very well written book for the uninitiated, gave a good view of the Beans, how to create the client side beans etc. However, since then I have moved my field of interest from Java to some thing else, and in the mean time EJB have taken an increasingly important role in the server side component model. So I hope this book is updated or the same authors write a separate book on EJB (more meaningful to do the latter).