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Free Download | PHP 5 MySQL Programming for the Absolute Beginner

Are you ready to begin programming with PHP and MySQL? Then get ready to jump right in. You'll get an introduction to programming with a specific focus on programming web servers with the PHP programming language. Much of the original content from the first edition (1931841322) is retained, but you'll also cover updates relating to the upcoming PHP 5.0 release. Following the same format as the popular first edition, this book provides easy-to-follow instruction. You will use the concepts presented in the book to create games using PHP and MySQL. As each concept is put to the test, you'll acquire programming skills that will easily transition to real-world projects. A true beginner's guide, this book enables you to acquire programming skills that you can use in the next language that you tackle.

When it comes to programming, Mac users appear to be at a disadvantage. However, with a little research via the internet, I've been able to take advantage of the programming material that is mostly geared towards Windows. This book is no exception. The most difficult part of the process is getting PHP and MySQL set up and that has nothing to do with this book! A quick search on the internet shows that a lot of people have this problem.

Initially, I thought there were some problems with the code, but I always discovered that is was MY code, not what was written in the book. It's very easy to forget a semi-colon or a bracket or even a period and not see it even after carefully re-checking. (It can help to print it out instead of trying to read it from the screen.) Personally, I think programming can be quite dull, especially for someone who enjoys "design." But, that's part of what makes this book good, it does incorporate design and it uses concepts that are actually fun. I'm still learning, but I'm enjoying the process and I can't wait to start using some of things I've learned on my own website.