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Free Download | Visual Basic 2005 For Dummies | PDF

Coming from VB 6.0, I was mostly interested in getting behind the .net framework and utilizing this added power to create much more serious programs. Unfortunately, little advice is given to the 6.0 programmer, and most of the specific .net commands (especially the new ones in 2005) are not presented in a way that the user can utilize that suits their own style, rather we're given a gigantic line of .net specific code and told, "this does that". Rather than explaining how or why each specific property comes into play to produce a result, we're just given a big line or a big block of code and are supposed to just trust that it helps to perform a function that contributes to the results of the final project. The problem this creates is that many people will be likely to write out code because they just happen to know that it performs a certain function, but they don't know WHY it performs this function, and therefore will lack the ability to create custom code to suit their needs.

  • Visual Basic is Microsoft's premier programming language, used by more than three million developers and in 50 million Windows applications
  • Programming pro and veteran Wrox author Bill Sempf has thoroughly overhauled the book's organization and content, making it even more accessible to programming beginners
  • Highlights new VB features and functions, including important advances in compatibility with older VB versions
  • Offers plain-English explanations of variables, constants, loops, VB syntax, forms, controls, objects, and other fundamentals
  • The CD-ROM includes all source code and third-party software tools