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Free Download | Special Edition Using Asp.Net | Richard Leinecker

This book was written in beta is very unfortunate indeed. That it has gone this long without an update is tragic. And that the publisher will not accept a trade-up for a more recent book is downright dirty. The book is not worth its price. There is no CD and the book is laden with beta code that often times does not give the beginner the slightest hint as to what to try to make it work. Yet this piece of work has its qualities. Not able to get anything to work past page 150, I put the book down and began reading two other books on .NET. At a certain point, the .NET light clicked on in my head. And now, a year later, I've returned to this book to find many valuable gems that my other books never mention. This book is best suited for the intermediate .NET programmer, who has grasped the major differing concepts between ASP classic and .NET. Until then, the book is a jumble of listings that seem like you'd never use them. I've found this book to be a helpful (albeit inaccurate) resource when I need to quickly acquaint myself with a new object or class (the only reason I give it TWO stars instead of ONE) If you're a beginner to .NET (or programming) I highly recommend "ASP.NET for Web Designers" by Peter Ladka.